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promis paste

Our promis anti-plaque natural toothpaste will make your dentist happy. 99% natural and 21% organic ingredients will brush away plaque and inhibit the formation of tartar to maintains your oral health in a natural way.

  • minimizes plaque
  • inihibits the formation of tartar
  • inhibits caries
  • caresses and smoothes gums
  • remineralizes and strengthen teeth for a whiter smile
  • provides lasting fresh breath
  • restores and maintains oral health in a natural way

Flavor: herbal mint

Ecocert Cosmos Organic certified

For intensive plaque control use it in combination with our promis gel.

available with and without fluoride – you decide

i’m green!

We use sugarcane tubes and certified, recycled packaging and shipping box. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

matching – promis gel

This tooth gel removes plaque as gently as no dentist could. The first tooth gel that removes plaque and naturally inhibits the formation of tartar thanks to the superpower essential oils of selected herbs.

get your promis paste and fight plaque and tartar for only €7.95.

use the right toothbrush

Your gums will love this toothbrush! The unique form of the bioplastic handle rebalances the force from the head to its center, to protect your teeth & gums. More than 6000 soft bristles kiss your gums and teeth for maximum cleanliness.